Introduction: Britton’s passion for music began at a very young age. He started his musical endeavors playing percussion and the drum kit at 10 years old. He took drum lessons for 4 years before fully transitioning into teaching himself how to play the guitar. Writing and learning songs consumed Britton’s life throughout high school and college. Life events constantly changed his perspective of music and the role it has played in his life.

Mission Statement: As a recent college graduate, Britton pursues his dreams of writing, playing, teaching, recording, and producing music. He continues to write songs on his guitar, he plays weekly in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area; he teaches at a music school for kids called Bach to Rock, he records music at his home studio as well as his great friend Andrew Dunbar’s home studio, and produces his music there as well. Britton writes about relationships with his loved ones, nature (especially the weather), and his hardships. He’s hoping to write songs that relate to many people and impact them in a positive way.

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Born Name: Britton James Niesslein

Hometown: Sterling, Virginia

Birthday: April 15, 1992

College: James Madison University

Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters, The Beatles, The Beach Boys The Pixies, No Doubt, Blur, Weezer

Favorite Instrument: Acoustic Fender Guitar

Favorite Album: Weezer's Blue